mamemo Majlis The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

This Holy Month of Ramadan, residents and visitors of Dubai will have a chance to have an unforgettable experience in a sophisticated setting at the mamemo majlis.

This new destination presents a journey of the senses for friends and family through classy and elegant setup, Arabian inspired design & décor and evocative traditional music.

A unique gastronomic experience reflecting the aroma and flavors of the season that will surely please local and international palates.

“The mamemo majlis is a concept that we have created, set up and built to deliver a memorable Ramadan experience for all guests, in a distinctive venue marked by intimate elegance. We believe guests will be very pleasantly surprised by the décor and ambience we have created as this will become an annual feature for Ramadan in Dubai.”
– Sam Katiela, Managing & Creative Director of mamemo


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